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Honey Basil Beer ver 1.0

By arzhou | September 11, 2011

Happened to see this recipe in BREW! So I thought I would give it a try, if it turns out nice, will refine it as part of my future line of beers. (Only beer in it is my Rose Beer so far)

  1. Light malt extract x 1
  2. 1 kg of light DME
  3. 0.5 kg of 2 row pale malt
  4. 0.34 kg pf 20L crystal malt
  5. 0.34 kg of Carapils malt
  6. 28g of cascade hops
  7. Wyyeast 1056 (american Ale) – Substituted with SafaleUS05 due to out of stock
  8. 300g of honey (about 1 jar)
  9. 30g of basil leaves


1) Steep the grains in about 64-66C water for 30 minute, use hot water to rinse the grains afterwards

2) Switch to full boil after that and add in the extracts and DME. Total boil time is 1 hr.

3) While boiling, score the basil leaves, I ended up cutting them up like chopping herbs

4) Last 30 min of boil time, add irish moss

5) Last 10 min, add half the basil leaves

6) Last 5 min add in the honey

7) Turn off the boil and add in the last bunch of basil leaves.

8) Cool to RTP and pitch yeast, top water to 20L

Finally got to use my wort chiller

OSG = 1.050 FSG = TBA

Fermentation will probably take about 1 week, after which 1 week is used for conditioning. After that, carbonate and age for 2 weeks before serving.

Fermentation start: 3rd Sept 2011

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