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List of National Day Songs

By arzhou | August 9, 2007

NTT challenged me to do this task, list all songs for national day. So here it is… I broke it down into 2 parts, first is the national day theme song, essentially the songs that you here over and over again on all media. Second is the regular national songs which are sung by the choir. Note that I only stuck to english songs.

From Wikipedia

National Day songs

Under the Sing Singapore Festival, which inaugurated in 1984, numerous community songs have been composed. Nonetheless, only few National Day songs which struck a chord among Singaporeans continue to be sung annually in the parade. They are collectively known as the Sing Singapore Medley which comes after the fireworks display during the Grand Finale.

Other National Day songs continue to be featured during the parade, either in the Pre-Parade segment, Parade and Ceremony segment or used as tunes to accompany mass displays. In particular, for the Parade and Ceremony segment, in between the arrivals of Members of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers, the Prime Minister and the President, four songs each of one official language (Tamil, Malay, Mandarin and English) will be performed.

Theme songs

NDP Theme songs were first introduced in the mid-1980s, starting with “Count On Me Singapore”, performed by Clement Chow at the 1986 Parade. Other songs include “We are Singapore” (1987) and “One People, One Nation, One Singapore” (1990).

Theme songs were not prominent in the parades of the 1990s until in 1998, with the widely well-received piece “Home” composed by Dick Lee and sung by local celebrity Kit Chan. Due to its popularity, the song was used once again in 2004 when various renditions, including a rock piece by JJ Lin, were made. This is partly to use the platform of the televised national event to increase awareness to new National Day pieces composed for the Sing Singapore Festival held then.

In 2003, however, a significant split took place when the National Day theme song of that year was not the Sing Singapore theme song. Stefanie Sun’s “One United People” was used as the NDP theme song to better suit the theme of “A Cohesive Society” while Sean Wang’s “A Place in My Heart” was chosen to lead the Sing Singapore 2003 Festival.

Before 2007, the theme songs come in two languages, the lingua franca in Singapore – English as well as Mandarin. To promote the songs, music videos that showcase local landmarks and lifestyle are made and shown on national television a month before National Day; the songs will also be played on local airwaves. Legal mp3 downloads are also available on the NDP website.

The selection of theme song singers often reflects the acknowledgement of a nation to her homegrown talents. Local songbirds that made it big in regional music scenes, such as Kaira Gong, Kit Chan, Stefanie Sun and Tanya Chua were invited back home to perform various National Day theme songs. The winner of Singapore Idol 2004, Taufik Batisah, was the obvious choice to lead the nation in singing the NDP 2005’s theme song “Reach Out For The Skies”, alongside singer-actress Rui En.

For the upcoming NDP 2007, there will be two theme songs instead of the usual one. Also, for the first time there will be no Chinese versions of the English songs.

Soooooo here is Part 1 of the list, the official theme song for the year. I linked the songs to their youtube videos:

Here is part 2: List of national songs not mentioned above (this is not totally comprehensive)

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4 Responses to “List of National Day Songs”

  1. Jzin Says:
    August 10th, 2007 at 5:14 am

    waaah…not bad ah…compiled quite well
    and thanks fer linking the songs to their MVs on youtube

    you missed out one of my faves…’It’s the little things’ (wld be filed under National Songs)

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  3. Trudy Says:
    August 7th, 2008 at 4:59 pm

    hey wanna ask if u have the chords to these national day songs

  4. Robert Says:
    July 29th, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    ho@gainesville.collectors” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    thanks for information!!…